Restaurante Ca'n Tito

Seafood and Mallorcan specialties

Good food | Peaceful place

Our Restaurante Ca'n Tito


The restaurant Ca'n Tito is a place of reference in es Born del Molinar.

In our 45th anniversary we continue with our loyal customers and we try not to lose our essential characteristics, offering the best rice, fish and seafood.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday |
11:00 - 16:00 & 20:00 - 23:00
Sunday | 11:00 - 16:00

Our Menu

Quality ingredients, tasty meals

Our specialties include various types of rice dishes, as well as stews faithfully prepared under our culinary tradition.

Seafood Paella or Noodles

Paella with rice or noodles with seafood.

Fresh Squid

Fresh squid from Potera, cleaned or chopped in its own ink, grilled with salad, potatoes or fried onion.

Majorcan Prawns

Grilled Mallorcan red shrimp.

Mixed Fish Grill

Mixed grilled fresh fish and seafood of the day.

Padron Peppers

A typical Spanish starter.

Good food | Peaceful place

For our numerous visitors

Group Menus

Enjoy our menus specially created for groups.

All menus include, in addition to the main courses - which are composed individually for each menu - verdejo white wine, rioja red wine, water and coffee.

Happy customers!

"It is difficult for a restaurant to meet all expectations, but Ca'n Tito succeeds! Familiar attention, great service and exquisite food. Undoubtedly a place I will return to."

- Rubén del Castillo

"Local that complies with the security measures against covid, spacious, clean and with maritime decoration, as it is the specialty of the house. Very good treatment towards the client, good atmosphere and a lot of experience."

- Josep Garau Frau

"A great restaurant. I have been there several times and it never disappoints us. The food and the service are excellent. It has incredible rice dishes, the seafood is fresh and good and the Gallo de San Pedro is spectacular."

- Silvia Rebollo

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